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Yay! You want to contact us! That's great, but what do you want to contact us about? There's a team of us, each covering a different area of the site. Below are descriptions on what each of us do, so you know who to email.


Sapphire covers everything: fics, art and general content. General submissions, questions or suggestions are to be emailed to Sapphire.  She also manages the finances.  If you would like to send in some money to help keep the site going (money is always very much appreciated!) then email Sapphire, or go to the Donations page.

Address: malachite157@yahoo.com 


The Forum Admin Team

(Sapphire, Nurannoniel, Starath and Razor One)

The site's forums have a team of dedicated admins and moderaters working to keep it running smoothly.  If you have any problems with your acocunt, any questions or concerns, please email a member of the admin team at the following address:

Address: bwintforum@gmail.com 


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